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Trade Packages

Van Extras specializes in providing mobile tradespeople with storage solutions that best suit their needs. From van shelving and partitions to ladder racks and bin storage systems, our cargo van trade packages are designed to fit in all of today’s commercial vans and can be tailored to your particular trade.

Van Shelving

Van shelving and storage bins are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length, and shelf depth. Find the perfect application for your next work vehicle. For a large selection of bookshelves, contoured units, deep square back units,  and much more that can hold industry-leading strength.

Tool Drawers

Backed by a solid warranty, these cargo van drawers and cabinets will provide you with many years of worry-free and rattle-free operation. If you are looking for durable storage compartments that are designed specifically for your trade and are quick and easy to reach, then Van Extras’ got you covered. 

Our van partitions are designed to withstand the most rigorous crash test standards in the industry. Contoured to maintain space for the seats and ensure the driver’s comfort while maximizing the cargo space of the van. Also rattle-free to make sure you have a quiet ride for safe, efficient and quiet van partitions.


Ladder Racks

Van Extras’ van roof racks are designed to help make the job easier and safer for you while ensuring your van is more efficient. Our selection of ergonomic ladder racks and cargo van roof racks makes for smooth loading and unloading.  Their aerodynamic design creates minimal wind noise which makes them incredibly quiet


Van accessories have always provided the finishing touch that makes the difference between a regular upfit and the type of upfit that gives you what you need to perform at your peak efficiency.Customize your vehicle with Van Extras’ wide range of options and prove the benefit of having everything where you need, when you need it!